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Experts in handling propane and butane gas for domestic, commercial and industrial use; we achieved excellence in attention, service and coverage of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases) within the Nicaraguan market.

With three main distribution services: Bulk gas for commercial and industrial sectors,Gas to carburation as a more efficient and friendly fuel alternative and cylinder gas, used especially in Nicaraguan homes and which are distributed in cylinders with capacities of 10 to 100 pounds.

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Gas prices in cylinder

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RACCN RACCS Rio San Juan Chontales Boaco Matagalpa Jinotega Nueva Segovia Madriz Esteli León Chinandega Managua Masaya Carazo Rivas Granada


Prices regulated and approved by the Nicaraguan Institute of Energy (INE)

Current prices to the consumer as of Febrary 27, 2022

Localidad 10 LBS 25 LBS 100 LBS
Ciudad Sandino C$181.75 C$439.25 C$2010.75
El Crucero C$183.25 C$442.75 C$2017.50
Managua C$180.00 C$436.00 C$2004.00
Mateare C$183.25 C$442.75 C$2017.50
San Francisco Libre C$192.50 C$461.00 C$2054.25
San Rafael Del Sur C$186.50 C$449.00 C$2030.25
Ticuantepe C$182.50 C$441.00 C$2014.00
Tipitapa C$183.00 C$442.00 C$2016.25
Villa Carlos Fonseca C$186.00 C$448.00 C$2028.00

*Prices apply restrictions.

* Write to for more details or price inquiries in your locality.

Tropigas de Nicaragua contributes to safeguarding the health of all Nicaraguans against #Covid19

Because our priority, in addition to providing you with a good service, is also to safeguard you and your family, because together we can launch the future of a safe Nicaragua. We are united in this! #ElGasDeLosNicas

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    Managua, KM. 9.5 Carretera a la refineria.